Welcome to Maharajah, Singapore’s event and wedding caterers with a passion for fine food. At Maharajah we specialise in our offering of quality Indian & Asian delicacies, blessing your event with an inventive menu of delights. With an incredibly experienced team we work with a mission to uphold the values of our customers, creating meal plans that will enthuse your guests. Instilling a ambience of wealth and speciality, we at Maharajah are the authority when it comes to hospitality, having built up a reputation of excellence in doing so over the last 30 years.

Ensuring your event or wedding maintains their high regarded stature is the mission in the Maharajah catering kitchen, bringing food to life for your guests. With Indian celebrations notorious for celebrating colour and vibrancy, Maharajah sees that the food follows suit, serving spellbinding dishes that are unparalleled in taste and presentation.

Specific in our picking of fresh ingredients, Maharajah displays a dexterous approach to Indian catering, always delighted to go that extra mile for all of our clients. Our culinary expertise are renowned for adding the finishing touch to a glorious celebration, boasting a long history of satisfied clients and guests alike.